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Provide every Club in Rotary District 6360 with the opportunity for funding, administrative and/or partnering assistance in their service project activities.




The Board of Trustees of Rotary District 6360 Foundation have determined the following interlocking objectives necessary to the successful administration of the Foundations Mission.


To build and maintain a general fund from multiple sources for operational and grant making activities.


To build a permanent, unrestrictive fund from multiple funding avenues and to use the income from this permanent fund to provide assistance for grant seeking club(s) service projects, in accordance with the grant making process.


To ascertain and allocate donor designated funding in approving grants.


To communicate and foster a collaborative approach to Rotary Club Service Project work by bringing together our grant making capabilities and our ability to partner grant seekers with other complementary entities or resources.




The Rotary District 6360 Foundation was founded at the 1992 Rotary District conference and is governed by a board of trustees who must be members of Rotary clubs located in the District. Trustees are to be representative of the various geographical areas of the District. New trustees are elected annually for three year terms. The board of Trustees formally meets four times a year but can provide more immediate response if necessary.




The Foundation's tax exempt status provides individuals and clubs with the ability to raise and expend funds for Rotary sponsored projects in a tax exempt manner if all 501c(3) tests are met.


Assistance to groups of two or more clubs and collaborations with clubs elsewhere in the Rotary world is available. It can provide assistance to individual clubs if there is an intention to involve multiple clubs. Club activities will not qualify for assistance unless there is a significant project component, as determined by the Foundation, which contributes to those outside the club or those activities qualify under a specific Foundation approved program.


As unrestricted Rotary District 6360 Foundation funds become available, grants will be awarded to District Rotary applicants. Funds will be solicited from District Rotary clubs, Rotarians, corporations, individuals and other sources to fund these grants. Generally, Rotary District 6360 Foundation Grants will be made on a matching basis.


The Foundation will advise and assist any District club or clubs interested in applying for Rotary International Foundation as well as grants from foundations who are members of the Council of Michigan Foundations. The Foundation will also offer expertise and encouragement to clubs in their efforts to develop projects of their choosing. Information will be made available to help clubs anticipate the nuances and challenges encountered in implementing projects.




Applications for monetary assistance from District clubs must be made to the Rotary District 6360 Foundation in writing. A formal application outlining needed information can be requested from Foundation Trustees, the District office or download here. Applications must indicate the needs and goals of the proposed service project as well as the plan for meeting those objectives. To exemplify the ideal of service above self, no awards under programs supported by the Rotary District 6360 Foundation will be made to a District 6360 Rotarian, a Rotary employee or a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild of a Rotarian, or their spouses.


How You Can Help


The Rotary District 6360 Foundation is able to channel funds to needy recipients throughout our communities and the world because of generous people like yourself. You can turn hope into reality with your time or monetary donations... no matter how small or large.


All forms of monetary giving are appreciated... cash gifts, life insurance, annuities, bequests and endowments.