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Rotary District Audio Visual Library Materials

district6360@cablespeed.com , 517-543-7929

The Rotarian Video Magazine (RVM) – documentary-style stories on DVD chronicle the achievements and projects of Rotarians worldwide. 

Volume 1, issues 1, 2 and 3 - 2005-06

 RVM: The Rotarian Video Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 1(505-05) 39 min.

  • Landmine-victim assistance in Cambodia and Bosnia-      Herzegovina
  • The long-term needs of Thailand’s Phuket region after   the tsunami
  • The Shelterbox disaster-relief program in England
  • What Rotarians are doing near Cairo to enhance their     community’s medical and educational needs

RVM: The Rotarian Video Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 2 (506-05) 62 min.

  • Rotarian and former Foundation scholar D’Lisa Simmons shares her life-changing experiences.
  • Rotarians use hands-on learning techniques to teach math and science to U.S. schoolchildren.
  • Russian orphans receive free dental care from America, Finnish, and Russian Rotarians.  
  • Rotarians provide safe haven to Thailand's hill tribe children.
  • Other segments include a message from RI President Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar, a conversation with RI General Secretary Ed Futa, and highlights of the 2005 RI Convention in Chicago.
 RVM: The Rotarian Video Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 3 (507-05) 41 min.
  •  District 9100 Rotarians propose long-term solutions to West Africa’s recurring food crisis.
  • Rotarians from Texas and Nicaragua combine resources to provide education to children of the Chinandega garbage dump.
  • More than 4,700 Rotarians from the United States and Mexico perform 86 community service projects during a one-day, district-wide event.

Other segments include RI President Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar’s year in review and Foundation Trustee Chair Frank Devlyn’s farewell message. Total running time: 41 min.

 RVM: <i>The Rotarian</i> Video Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 1 2006-07:  RVM: The Rotarian Video Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 1 (505-06) 51 min.
  • Rotary clubs partner with Heifer International to deliver fresh milk from rural farmers to children in Romanian orphanages and hospitals.
  • In the face of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, Rotarians in South Africa are bringing education, nutrition, and health care to AIDS orphans, with help from nonprofit partner Soul of Africa.
  • A glimpse into the Malmo-Copenhagen Convention.
  • RI President Bill Boyd discusses his year thus far.
  • Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Luis Giay addresses Foundation goals.
  RVM: <i>The Rotarian</i> Video Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 2                            RVM: The Rotarian Video Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 2 (506-06) 33 min.
  • An Iraqi girl visits the United States to receive a heart surgery funded by Indiana Rotary clubs. (10 minutes)
  • A journey through the history, NIDs, and rehabilitation associated with Rotary’s polio efforts. (8 minutes)
  • "Success Stories" (7 minutes)
  • "Crawling to Walking" (5 minutes)
  • The rebuilding of the Mostar Bridge symbolizes the reunification of a city and its people. (8 minutes)

Other segments include an interview with 2006-07 RI President Bill Boyd and an interview with United Nations representative Jan Egeland


 RVM: <i>The Rotarian</i> Video Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 3 RVM: The Rotarian Video Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 3 (507-06)
.  microcredit loans in Honduras, profile of Youth Exchange student Majla Custo, and water harvesting projects in India

  • Majla Custo: A Rotary Youth Exchange Story
    A student leaves Bosnia-Herzegovina for a yearlong stay in the United States. (7 minutes)
  • Poco a Poco (Little by Little): Microcredit in Honduras
    Rotarians in Honduras provide small-business loans to help women break free of poverty. (14 minutes)
  • Rocky Mountain Rendezvous
    A video roundup of the 2007 RI Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. (4 minutes)

  RVM: <em>The Rotarian</em> Video Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 1 - Promo                           In RVM 3.1, you’ll go aboard the world’s largest charity hospital vessel, the Africa Mercy Ship. With equipment donated by Rotary clubs, the ship departs on a mission to war-torn Liberia.

You’ll also visit a water project in India, a vocational service project in Brazil, and the “Whatever Happened to Polio?” exhibit in the United States. See how Rotarians are bringing hope and humanitarian aid to those in need.

Show RVM at district conferences and new member orientations. Share it with your community cable network station. Or present it to club speakers, Group Study Exchange participants, and scholars.


“PolioPlus:  A Gift to the Children of the World,” DVD   11 min.
Highlights Rotary’s latest work in the march toward polio eradication.  2006

“Rotary 101,” from District 6360 Governor Dick Sammis’ presentation to the Parchment Club on September 19, 2007.
DVD     22:45 min.

“The Uncommon Rotarian,” Doug Oberman   DVD & Video  11 min.
2002 PolioPlus Campaign.

“If I Could be President Again,” Cliff Dochterman  DVD & Video

 PolioPlus: A Gift to the Children of the World PolioPlus: A Gift to the Children of the World
DVD highlights Rotary's latest work in the march toward polio eradication.  Running time:  11 minutes.

Last revised: 2006

Take a Look at Rotary  Videotape designed for prospective Rotarians in North America that provides an upbeat, informative introduction to the many aspects of club membership. An excellent tool for bolstering club membership development efforts and community outreach. 1999.  Running time 8 min.

 Peace Is Possible: Rotary Centers for International Studies DVD  Background on the Rotary World Peace Fellowships and interviews with alumni working in agencies around the world to promote peace. Running time: 6 min.

 The Rotary Foundation: Be a Part of It
Last revised: 2001   This eight-minute video contains stories from around the globe, highlighting Scholarships, Matching Grants, 3-H Grants, PolioPlus, and Group Study Exchange.

 Paul Harris Live — 1942

Rotary Centers for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution

Last revised: 2001   This eight-minute video explains the Rotary Centers and the Rotary World Peace Scholarships program as well as the history, vision, and objectives for this major educational priority of The Rotary Foundation.

 Humanity in Motion V Humanity in motion IV (TV and Radio PSAs)

Rotary's US$200 Million Challenge DVD [End Polio Now]

Last revised: 2008

Inspirational overview of Rotary’s continuing efforts to eradicate polio and Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge, a new three-year fundraising initiative. Running time: 12 min.


RVM: The Rotarian Video Magazine Volume 4 subscription, 2008-09

Last revised: 2008    Each DVD features three to four short videos of extraordinary Rotary projects and people from around the world -- perfect for showing at club meetings, new member orientations, or on your community’s cable network station.

 RVM: <i>The Rotarian</i> Video Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 3 RVM: The Rotarian Video Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 3

Sowing Hope
A report on Keep Mongolia Green, the Korean-Mongolian partnership that fights desertification in the Gobi by planting trees and creating community farms. (15 minutes)

Women in Rotary
A look at women's admittance to Rotary and the important role that they have played. (11 minutes)

                   John Kenny: A People’s Man
An intimate profile of Rotary International’s president for 2009-10. (7 minutes) Voice-over in Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese. English subtitles are included for the hearing impaired.


Every Rotarian Every Year DVD

Last revised: 2004

Nine-minute inspirational DVD overview of Rotary Foundation programs and grants supported by Annual Programs Fund contributions

Top of FormClick thumbnail picture for larger one.  Updated and expanded, this popular video now offers public service announcements plus five short videos about Rotary. Topics include Rotary's partnerships, polio eradication efforts, and vocational training programs

PolioPlus: A Gift to the Children of the World

Last revised: 2006

DVD highlights Rotary’s latest work in the march toward polio eradication. Running time: 11 minutes


“The Children of the Dump”, Chinandega, Nicaragua

Rotarians for Action – run time is 11 minutes.

  the Final InchClick on picture for lager image
The Final Inch is a 38 minute documentary on the story of polio eradication, and thus the story of this film, is as much about the messenger as the message.  The Final Inch is a powerful 38-minute film about both the legacy of polio in the U.S and the public health heroes who are courageously fighting to end its brutal reign in the poorest areas of the world